Your sweet babies: Birthday Parties

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Your sweet babies: Birthday Parties

This is easy. And affordable. When your sweet ones are babies they don't need big parties. Any parent will tell you that the first few parties are for the parents and grandparents. As the child gets older, the parties get bigger. However, they can still be very easy and affordable.

Have the party at a park with grills. You can decorate with streamers and balloons, cover the tables with paper table cloths, unless you don't mind using yours. Have a barbecue and lots of snack food, sodas and a sheet cake. Or have it at home inside or out in the back yard, if you have one.

All you need for decorations are streamers, balloons and cut outs. Use tons of them, layer and decorate everything. It makes it look fun.

Make a special Pandora station to play at the party that your child has helped create with their favorite tunes or make a CD with their favorite music. Take him/her out to buy a special outfit for the party. This can be at the thrift store. You can get great clothes at Goodwill or other thrift places.

Bake your own cake for the party. Make it fun and decorate with themes that your child is into like cowboys, Disney characters, space ships and so on. For foods, you can barbecue and do lots of snack foods and sodas in an ice chest (borrow one). You could even do a potluck. Start collecting toys in decent shape from the thrift stores months in advance. Used toys are just as great as new. Just scrub and polish.

Do a theme or country as far as food. Do Italy, Mexico or other. Whatever your child likes. Keep it simple. Do tacos for Mexican and homemade pizzas for Italian. Homemade pizzas are easy to make, less expensive by far, and healthier and tastier.

Have a sleepover party when the kids are older. Get lots of movies from the library, Redbox or Netflix streaming and have fun finger foods and snacks.
Make big spread on the table and leave for the kids to snack throughout the day and night. Make tons of popcorn that night and have the other kids bring sleeping bags and they can all sleep in the living room.

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