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Chillax Manhattan Beach cafe located in South Brooklyn is all about exceptional quality coffee, locally sourced and organic food, vintage decor and  HDTVS for all the games and private events. Open for Breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

We are proudly brewing Toby’s estate coffee who offers only the highest quality single origin coffees directly from the top farmers in the world. Coffees are roasted in small batches to a degree that best expresses its unique inherent qualities, favoring clarity, aroma, and sweetness and shipped within 24 hours from ordering to deliver the freshest coffee experience possible. 

Our Baristas undergoing  monthly training under supervision of the best educators in the coffee industry. 

In Chillax we believe that tasty food can be healthy. The majority of  our produce is farm-raised and locally sourced. In our dishes we use only organic greens, hand made* meat patties, french fries, pastas, pastries, and many other house-made ingredients. 

The unique vintage interior of Chillax Cafe is a mix of brick walls, salvaged wooden shelves, antique brass ceiling, coffee bags burlap and antique furniture which results in a  warm and comfortable atmosphere. 

For cozier digs, head to the second floor where you will enjoy a privacy hanging on chesterfield benches and watching HDTVs. We will close the entire 2nd floor for your private party or event celebration.
A beautiful garden open during warm months.

* (here means free of additives used for shelf live extension of commercial foods, taste enhancers and other harmful chemicals)