"Very rarely am I inspired to leave a great review but this place has done it. All the bells and whistles here with no disappointment. Great Coffee, amazing food, big selection and a very friendly professional staff. Is it possible? Yes, here it very well is.

    I had the caramel latte, came out to perfection with a bear pattern drawn out of the little foam... creative.

   Then the burger, first bite had me begging for more. Great food, good vibe, friendly staff, it's all here. I'm just sad I didn't find it sooner. "

Chris C. Rockaway Park, NY via  Yelp

"The only a caffe in the Brighton/Sheepsheadbay area that knows how to make proper cup of cappuccino.  No other place that I know of around makes espressos/cappuccinos from freshly roasted beans (roasted within the last week or two), and they use what many consider one of the best coffee roasters - Toby's Estate.  Not only that, but they use best equipment in business bar none a combination of la marzocco espresso machine and mazzer Robur grinder - almost all the top coffee shops in the city use this exact combo. 

Finally, they know how to use the equipment.   For a coffee addict like me, this is amazing news.  I used to make a trip to bay ridge to Coffee Rx on 3ave, which btw use same beans and equipment, and the only shop that I consider to make top espressos and cappuccinos.  So happy to find a proper place locally. 
The caffee also has tasteful decor and friendly staff."

Sergey Bondarchuk via Facebook

"Nicest staff EVER!! Good food and lovely place as well."

Mari via Facebook

"Went here tonight for a party. Let me tell you Chillax  was amazingly good . The food is delicious and the coffee was beyond all expectations. This will definitely be my new favorite chilling place. A must try."

Rina via Facebook