Charitable Jazz Evening

Charitable Jazz Evening

Charitable Jazz Evening

  • Altogether we collected $ 300 !!! Because of these funds, we closed fundraiser for our child  Nastenka from Ukraine

Orange Penguin is a charitable organization that is based in the United States and helps children with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The foundation was founded in 2014 by Irina Kuznetsova. We help children from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. A distinctive feature of our fund is that we do not send money for treatment to our kids. We collect money here in the US and buy the necessary medical equipment. That is, people who have made a donation can track the child’s history, what has already been bought for the collected money and what else is needed.

We have volunteers in Dallas, Connecticut and New York. How do we collect money? We try to approach this issue creatively. Here, in New York, we organize charity jazz concerts. For example, one of these concerts  was held on May 12 at the Chillax Manhattan Beach Cafe. I want to thank the owner of this interesting cafe, Victoria, who gave us the space for free. Also I want to mention our talented musicians, who constantly support our foundation. Virtuosos and professionals with a capital letter: Julia and Nadia Geniush-vocal, Ruslan Khain-contrabass, Alexandra Mogilevich-drums, Misha Tsiganov-keyboards, Boris Kurganov-saxophone. They performed well-known jazz pieces in English and Russian.

I also want to mention  our sponsors, who made a memorable gift to every guest who came to the event: Kartina TV and eAutoLease.

I want to express special gratitude to Ivan Pestryakov, who helped to create promotional materials for the event, as well as video support. Irina Perukhina, our photographer, all charity events Irina supports for free by doing beautiful pictures during the event!

Our evening turned out to be very warm and family oriented, despite the cloudy weather.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to all those who took part in our event. Altogether we collected $ 300 !!! Because of these funds, we closed fundraiser for our child  Nastenka from Ukraine.

Friends, thank you all !!! Only thanks to the fact that we are together, another miracle happened, we helped to the child in need! Thank you again and see you at our jazz evenings!!!


Chillax Manhattan Beach Cafe
184 Oxford street, Brooklyn, NY, 11235