Do you enjoy for food or clothes?

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Do you enjoy for food or clothes?

Our century’s generation lives for material things: they earn money for wasting it for fashionable clothes, cars, I phones, etc.

Million years far back ancient society had started to exist. It is clear that until mesolitas era (when ice age was), people didn’t wear clothes at all. They were absolutely naked. We have started to produce clothes only when cold weather came. If on the one hand it can be said that we need in clothes only for warming ourselves, the same is not true for food.

We are alive, thus, our bodies need in vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, etc. All of these substances we can receive from meal. When the ancient person was born, he could survive due to food. We cannot live without power supply. From these arguments one might conclude that nutrition is more important for our lives than clothes; therefore, We incline to the opinion that food has more strong impact on our lives than clothes. Some people, particularly I, enjoy of doing things if there are necessary, for instance - eating.

To draw the conclusion, one might be able to say that irrespective of different opinions, in our modern society we have habit to enjoy variety things and occupation. It can be food, clothes, learning or creativity work – all depends on certain person.


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