Espresso: full-flavored drink

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Espresso: full-flavored drink

  • Filter basket should be clean so run hot water to rinse and preheat it

This style of brewed coffee is very popular around the globe. Espresso makes it possible to savor rich coffee flavor. Unlike most coffees espresso has a layer of cream on the surface. This full-flavored beverage is used to create different coffee drinks such as cappuccinos or lattes.


Espresso was invented in Italy more than one hundred years ago. Luigi Bezzera wanted to find out how to make coffee quicker because he was very busy and didn’t like time-consuming process of making the drink. So he invented a method of brewing coffee with steam pressure. Such process provided quick way of making cup of coffee.


Modern espresso machine was invented in 1947. This device was capable to produce high pressures and was perfect for commercial use because it was easy-operated. Now espresso machines make it possible to brew real cappuccino at the touch of a button. Next time you decide to drop into cafe to enjoy espresso shot think that more than one hundred years of history are hidden in your cup.


Word “espresso” means fast in Italian and is commonly mispronounced as “expresso”. The word has no “x” and those who include it sound like coffeehouse newbie.

How to get perfect espresso shot

The best espresso is rich without being bitter as well as has creamy froth on top. A layer of dark golden cream is one sign of properly brewed espresso.


Choose roast level of beans that you like the best. It may vary from light to very dark. In USA darkly roasted coffee beans are common for espresso because the drink was brought by companies from southern Italy where dark roast was popular.


Coffee should be freshly roasted to experience a wonderful espresso shot. The average shelf life of roasted beans is three weeks max. Then coffee starts to come stale, even if it’s vacuum-packed. Make sure your coffee beans are as freshly roasted as possible.


Grind coffee beans just before brewing espresso. But don’t use cheap, blade coffee grinder that can overheat beans. Espresso grind should not be too coarse or too fine like powder. It is to be about consistency of sugar. If grind is coarse you will not get good espresso because it will be brewed very quickly. Extraction should take about half a minute. Too fine grind causes too long brewing that makes espresso bitter.


Filter basket should be clean so run hot water to rinse and preheat it. Tamp coffee to compress it in basket for proper extraction. If you want to make single shot take 7 grams of coffee and if you want double-shot take 14 grams.


Enjoy it!


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