Discover your child's talent with Chillax Cafe!

Discover your child's talent!

Date : April 23, 2017
Time : 14:00

Every Sunday Chillax Manhattan Beach cafe will be hosting a children's cafe, where kids from 5-9 will be participating in fun activities singing, dancing and learning Russian and French languages.

Classes are conducted by professional music and vocal teachers who specialize in preschool education and who have a technique for bi-linguals.

Purpose of the program:

• increasing the motivation of children to learn foreign languages, by creating natural conditions;
• removal of the language barrier and activation of the process of speech activity through the constant need to apply their language skills and so on ...

In addition to classes in the gaming and fun environment, vocal lessons for children are given.

Learn the secrets of voice control and discover in your child the talent of the vocalist with Chillax Cafe!

Ticket price ($25) includes food and drink. Siblings get a discount ($18)

Jessica, former teacher

The child must have time to learn to perceive the world calmly...

Younger children are more open, ready to give all their best to please their parents.

Megan, 7 years

I like it... It was fun!  I played with children

Justin, bank manager

I brought my son to discover the world of music playing with other children.

It turned out very cool!